Fanlight, 41 Merrion Square, Dublin 2+

Though there’s something interesting about most of the city’s fanlights (even when they’re just a plain nook), the added function...

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Number one, 1 Ontario Terrace, Dublin 6+

Ontario Terrace is slightly idyllic, with a view over the canal and a wide strip of grass and trees buffering...

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Miniature arches, Dame Street, Dublin 2+

Between The Oak and Thomas Read on Dame Street, there’s a door to the upper levels. These are usually pretty...

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Fanlight shrine, 84 Manor Street, Dublin 7+

No. 84 Manor Street is a bed-and-breakfast, marked out by a small hanging sign by the street and a plaque...

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Fanlight, 18 Hume Street, Dublin 2+

Hume Street branches off the west side of St. Stephen’s Green, much quieter than its busy neighbour. Above the unmarked...

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