trinity college

Carved capitals, Museum Building, Trinity College+

The distinctive elevations on the Museum Building at Trinity were the work of Deane & Woodward. However, the building’s origins...

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‘Cactus Provisoire’, Fellows’ Square, Trinity College, Dublin 2+

Fellows’ Square has quite a presence, not least for architectural reasons: it’s surrounded on all sides by significant buildings, by...

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Rose Garden, Trinity College Dublin+

It might be a tiny bit misanthropic, but the nicest time on a college campus is the summer. Libraries are...

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Berkeley Library, Trinity College, Dublin 2+

Adding a building to Trinity’s campus is a daunting prospect. Not only is it a prominent institution in the city,...

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Sign, Samuel Beckett Theatre, Trinity College, Dublin 2+

Here’s one more detail from the Samuel Beckett Theatre in Trinity. At the peak of the tower’s roof, there’s a...

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