dublin 8


Tiles, Essex Street West, Dublin 8+

Smock Alley Court is tucked down at Temple Bar’s western edge, between Cow’s Lane and Fishamble Street. It was designed...

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Molyneux House, 67-69 Bride Street, Dublin 8+

Dublin has a weekly bird market, dating back over 460 or perhaps 900 years, depending on the source. We stumbled...

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Mosaics, Dublin Corporation flats, Lower Kevin Street and North William Street+

These flat blocks by Dublin Corporation (now Dublin City Council) were a standard design which can be seen all around...

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Extension, 1 Castle Street, Dublin 2+

On a prominent corner site near Christchurch Cathedral, Dublin Castle, a fine pub and a good chipper, 1 Castle Street...

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Iveagh Trust Tenements, Dublin 8+

The Iveagh Buildings were developed by Edward Cecil Guinness, the first Earl of Iveagh, to provide housing and amenities for...

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Exposed pipes, Iveagh Buildings, Dublin 8+

The Iveagh Trust Tenements (1894-1904 by Joseph & Smithem with R.J. Stirling) were part of an interesting series of projects...

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