Former shop, Upper Dominick Street, Dublin 1+

The three-storey domestic building to the side of the main bulk of the former Hendrons factory looks like it predated...

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Signage, 30a Camden Row, Dublin 8+

At the entrance to O’Donnell + Tuomey Architects’ offices on Camden Row, the number of the building is stencilled on...

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Shopfront, 109 Pearse Street, Dublin 2+

Pearse Street Hardware’s signage is handpainted in brown and cream, inverting them so that the primary sign stands out in...

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Shopfront, 6 College Street, Dublin 2+

The Irish Yeast Company opened in 1894 as wholesalers to Dublin’s baking trade, and still exists as a retail supplier...

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Shopfront, 103 Ranelagh, Dublin 6+

Credit unions are part of the building-block shops in towns and villages, the basic kit of parts that’s enough to...

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Ardiff Mahon Printers, Yarnhall Street, Dublin 1+

Yarnhall Street is mostly notable now as one of Dublin’s places named after long-gone industry, though it’s also a shortcut...

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Warehouse, Marlborough Place, Dublin 1+

It’s advertised as “Ireland’s best pennyworth guaranteed” in nearby Talbot Lane, but the warehouse front on Marlborough Place just goes...

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Signage, Peters Place, Dublin 2+

Between Harcourt and Charlemont, the green line Luas turns off Adelaide Road, onto Peters Place. The red line is more...

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