Milltown 110kV station, Cowper Drive and Park Drive, Dublin 6 (and a bit of an announcement)+

It seems like the only real way to see the Milltown transformer station is from above. Unless you’re with the...

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Sign box, Mander’s Terrace/Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6+

The path leading from Ranelagh Road to Mander’s Terrace looks a bit like an entrance in need of a destination....

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Timber extension, 80 Ranelagh Road, Dublin 6+

Long before any grown-up sense of aesthetics, architectural significance, or cultural context, there’s the dreamhouse. It’s possibly not something all...

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Slates, 1 Mount Pleasant Square, Dublin 6+

In more cynical moments, one might start to notice how often the blank gable end crops up in our built...

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Shortcut, Mountpleasant Square, Dublin 6+

There’s a gap between houses accommodating a lane at the southwest corner of Mountpleasant Square, but it doesn’t quite line...

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Signage, 1 Old Mountpleasant, Dublin 6+

Like a precursor to WordArt, the sign on the gable of The Hill pub in Ranelagh mimics the pitch of...

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Door, 9 Ranelagh Village, Dublin 6+

It’s a busy part of Ranelagh’s pavement, just beside the Luas station, and it’s pinched further with the Ranelagh Cycles’...

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Tiles, Beechwood Avenue Lower, Dublin 6+

Most of the houses on Beechwood Avenue Lower have tiled paths leading up to the front door. Not sure if...

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