The red, white and blue shopfront at Teddys could be mistaken for ordinary and somewhat old-fashioned, but it’s actually a portal to endless summer. Especially the blue hole-in-the-wall serving hatch. Teddys opened in 1950, located near the lively East Pier and Prom and serving 99s reputed to be the best in Dublin*, and so it’s part of hardcore seaside nostalgia for about four generations of Dubliners by now. On any vaguely sunny day, a huge queue will stretch along the wall, showing an array of optimistic summer outfits.

Though the signs are a hodge-podge, the three colours are used consistently and quite precisely – crimson and cornflower, not just any red and blue. Below the shop window, the crisply painted blue shiplap is particularly nice.

* Built Dublin is pretty lukewarm on ice cream, so no comment.

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