The Everyday Experience has just opened at IMMA, running in the Project Space (ground floor by the entrance) until 26th January. It’s an exhibition and a series of events curated by Nathalie Weadick, Director of the Irish Architecture Foundation:

A group-show of national and international architects, designers, artists, filmmakers and writers that will reveal how much of our experience of the designed or informal built environment is immersed in the everyday. The exhibition contains work by Dominic Stevens (Architect IRL), John Gerrard (Artist IRL) in collaboration with A2 (Architects IRL), Pablo Bronstein (Artist AR), Celine Condorelli (Artist UK), Culturstruction (Design Studio IRL) & Renate Henschke (Fashion and Costume Designer AU), Cristian Manzutto (Film-maker MEX), Tom dePaor (Architect IRL) & Peter Maybury (Artist IRL), Ciarán ÓGaora (Designer IRL), Urban Agency (Architects IRL/DK) & Gregory Dunn (Artist IRL), Alex Milton (Designer UK, based in Dublin) & Suzanne Martin (Designer UK) and Kevin O’Brien (Architect AU), Lisa Cassidy (Writer & Blogger IRL), SET Collective (Architectural Zine IRL), Paul Clarke (Architect IRL/NI) and Conor McCafferty (Curator IRL/NI).

It’s an honour to be part of the programme, and I will be delivering three walking tours in January, for which you can book (free!) tickets now: January 11, January 18, and January 25. In full:

Taking the form of a 90-minute guided walk, An Ordinary Place will consider the architecture of everyday life in the immediate surroundings of the Royal Hospital Kilmainham, threading between the literal present and other points in time and space, examining the mundane in domestic and monumental buildings alike. Disregarding any divide between the formal and the informal or the past and the present, themes will include sleep, washing, shelter, marking out territory, mass housing, and scale.

These are likely to be the last walking tours I’ll be doing for a good while, so please come along and bring your thermals! You can also visit The Everyday Experience now, and with the Eileen Gray and Leonora Carrington shows and In The Line of Beauty also on offer, it’s a good time to make the trip and welcome IMMA back to its Kilmainham home.

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